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About Effective Altruism Ireland

Effective Altruism Ireland is a group of individuals based in Ireland who are interested in EA ideas. The members of Effective Altruism Ireland are a diverse collection of students and professionals from varied backgrounds. Some people work in Effective Altruism organisations, others are just interested in the ideas.

We put together free programs and events that explore Effective Altruism topics. We're also around to offer any support you might need, whether you're trying to figure out the most impactful way to spend your time or where your donations could do the most good.

Dublin at Night

Organisational Team

Feel free to reach out to any member of our organisational team for information, advice, or queries 

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National and TCD Queries


Mc Redmond

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National and TCD Queries


O'Neill McPartlin

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How Can I Get Involved?

Forrest Fog
EA Ireland Meetup
Fortnightly Meet Up

Every fortnight we host an open meet-up to discuss EA Ideas. We meet either at a pub or cafe in Dublin or online

Business Meeting
Discussion Group

We run a 4 week guided discussion group that covers the core ideas of EA in a small group setting.


We have a number of copies of books on EA ideas available for free to anyone on request or at our events

Giving a Speech

Throughout the year we host a number of events on EA topics from speakers to workshops

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